The Review of 7s Wild Slot Machine

How to Play the 7s Wild Slot Machine

With the release of their new take on the traditional 7s Wild slot machine, IGT has seen a surge in popularity. This game’s aesthetic mashes together retro and modern influences as a nod to the traditional fruit machine games that came before it.

Our in-depth analysis of the 7s Wild slot machine will make playing this game for the first time a breeze. Everything crucial to your success in the game, as well as some additional considerations, are laid out below.

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Structure of the Game

7s Wild appears like a traditional slot machine game, but it actually is just that. Those who enjoy the polar opposite of today’s video slot machines will be delighted.

IGT aimed for grandiosity with this slot machine’s design. The game’s icons are a throwback to traditional fruit machines, but the vibe is decidedly not from that era.

The graphic style is somewhat dull overall, with nothing really memorable. The concept is well-organized and easy to follow.

There are a few animations in this game, but they aren’t very impressive and mostly just consist of winning symbols flashing and shining. However, any animation is preferable to none at all.

In both the regular game and the free spins bonus round, players will be able to look for winning combinations that include conventional slot symbols like:


Seven of Fire (scatter)

Bell, Golden




One thing we did like was how well the game ran on our mobile devices. This makes playing on the computer feel a little off, especially when reading the fine print or scrolling through the paytable or regulations. You can’t just navigate with the mouse wheel; instead, you have to click and flick the screen like you would on a mobile device.

Because the UI does not clearly provide this data, you may also find it difficult to determine which betting possibilities are available. When you press or click the green arrow on the left, the paylines and line bet buttons will appear.

Theoretically, 96.08% of players’ stakes will be returned to them in 7s wild.

Sounds and Music from Slot Machines

The music and sound effects in the game are somewhat repetitive, as is characteristic of slot games based on traditional fruit machines. The only time you’ll hear anything is when the reels are spinning, and the rising and falling tones and chimes will add to the tension of your wager.

When the ‘7’ symbol appears on the reels, a harp string plays, growing in pitch and volume with each additional ‘7’ symbol.

Even the tiniest victories are cause for celebration, as shown by the upbeat music that plays whenever one occurs.

Enhanced Characteristics

We’ve previously established that this slot has a very simplistic design, with only a single bonus round consisting of free spins.

Bonus Spins at No Cost

If you get five ‘7’ symbols in any position on the fifth reel, you win five free spins in addition to the jackpot of one thousand coins.

All ‘7’ symbols will act as wilds during the bonus round, increasing your chances of winning large. Getting more free spins out of this feature is impossible.

What We Think of the 7s Wild Slot Machine

This game is fantastic for what it is. This game pays homage to the original slot machines with its retro feel and its bright, colorful icons. The game’s major flaw is that it doesn’t have enough content to keep players engaged for very long.

If you enjoy more traditional slot machines, you should give this one a try. If you want a more contemporary presentation, though, you may find yourself growing bored soon. However, the game’s jackpot is substantial if lady luck is on your side, so give it a shot and see how you like it.

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