Amigotech’s Software and Blackjack

Amigotechs is a software developer that offers their clients virtual poker, casino, and sportsbetting products.
The Panama-based company has produced a variety of titles that are frequently distributed in the United States.

Here comes the terrible news.

Amigotechs is one of those businesses that emits a pungent odor from a mile away. First, almost no information about the company is available on the Internet. Since their entire business is conducted online, this immediately raises red flags. When you consider that their official website is no longer accessible, alarm sirens should begin to resonate in your head.

Need further proof?

Consider the two instances in which users have openly claimed that their software was manipulated. A client played 922 hands of Jacks or Better video poker without receiving a payout in 2011. Dr. Eliot Jacobsen of Certified Fair Gambling analyzed the situation and concluded that “it is more likely to win the United States Powerball lottery 14 times in a row with a single ticket than for the results of this game to be the result of pure chance.”

Four years later, a customer complained that despite playing 560 hands of 2 Ways Royal video poker, he never received a hand with a higher value than two pair. This claim was corroborated using gaming records, and the probability of such an event occurring randomly was calculated to be 1 in 18,977,313,106,520,400,000,000,000,000,000.

The owner of Amigotechs eventually compensated the user, but the damage to the company’s reputation had already been done (again).

Games Accessible

The game selection at Amigotechs is average, with just over 40 slot machines and casino staples like roulette (American, European, and French variants), craps, and war. Before moving on to an in-depth discussion of their available blackjack games, let’s take a moment to examine the positives and negatives of their virtual creations in general.

Positive aspects

If you are searching for reasons to play at a casino powered by Amigotechs, you may have a difficult time finding them. There aren’t many positives to be found, but they do stand out by providing activities that cannot be found elsewhere.

Crazy Poker (also known as “Crazy 4 Poker”) and 30-40 (also known as “Trente et Quarante”) are the two most notable examples.
The former has a house margin of 3.42 percent, while the latter has an edge of 4.52 percent. In the latter circumstance, the house advantage is a desirable 0.90 percent if the player wagers the utmost amount on insurance.

Fans should be ecstatic to find both of these games at Amigotechs-affiliated casinos, as neither of them are likely to be located elsewhere.

The negatives

There are numerous reasons to avoid Amigotechs completely, and we’ve listed them all below for your convenience.

Possibly Flawed Software
This is sufficient reason to avoid all casinos affiliated with this company. Those who have not already done so can learn more about the potentially biased Amigotechs software by reading the first section of this article.

Unreliable Information
If we consult a casino’s assistance folders, we anticipate finding comprehensive information on all of their activities. At least, that’s how it’s intended to operate, but it’s clear that Amigotechs has other plans. Their assistance files are, at best, inconsistent, and critical information and rules are frequently “accidentally” omitted. This is completely abhorrent and one of the clearest indications that the company does not have its customers’ best interests at heart.

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